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Increase traffic, sales and loyalty by showing customers they can buy, browse, and share with confidence. As the brand trusted by major banks and retailers, the Symantec Safe Site (previously VeriSign Trust Seal) helps build confidence for higher conversions on all types of websites.


People make snap decisions when they browse the Web. They look for the familiar and the trusted. To maximize traffic to your website, you need to quickly establish credibility and stand out from the rest by displaying the Symantec Safe Site Seal.


10 times as many consumers feel trust is more important than cost when doing business online (Synovate Research, Oct 2008), and they pay 4% more online when they feel their privacy is assured (Carnegie Mellon, Aug 2007). Yet, it can be tough to prove your identity online when you are not a household name. Website users worldwide extend their trust of Symantec to you when they see a Norton Secured Seal.



What’s Included in Symantec Safe Site ?


  • Daily Automated anti-malware scan for up to 200 Pages.
  • On-demand Scans to enable quick confirmation of clean site status.
  • Analysis of your site for malicious code.
  • Monitoring of any malicious activity on your site.
  • Easy step-by-step clean-up instructions.
  • Instant alerts identifying malicious code to enable fast removal.
  • Display Norton Secured Seal Powered by Symantec, the #1 trust mark on the Internet.
  • Show customers your identity has been verified.



VeriSign Trust Seal To Norton Secured Seal



Only a Symantec Safe Site is backed by the most trusted security brand on the Internet (US Brand Tracker Survey 2009).


On average, the Norton Secured Seal is displayed 175 million times a day on more than 90,000 websites in 160 countries


Symantec Website Security Platinum Partner

Symantec Seal-in-Search™


Seal-in-Search has shown, on average, to increase search engine click-through rates by 7.7%. (Symantec’s AVG SiS Research, Oct ’11)

Seal-in-Search is a feature where the Norton Secured seal is displayed within search engine results next to links to Symantec trusted sites. 


Seal-in-Search, which is automatically available to customers that have purchased Symantec Safe Site, helps you increase traffic simply by making it easy for visitors to choose your link over your competitor’s. 


What are the Benefits ?

Inspire Trust & Confidence 

Case studies have found 10 to 36% increase in online sales and transactions for customers when they display a Norton Secured Seal.

GeoTrust & Symantec Website Anti-Malware Scans assures your website visitors that your website has been scanned for malware by showing an anti-malware seal.

Full Protection

One in 203.3 emails in the month of August 2011 alone contained malware.

With Anti-Malware Protection, You’ll be able to scan your site for malware whenever you want, plus have the site scanned automatically every day. If a malware is found, you’ll recieve easy step-by-step removal instructions.

Avoid being Blacklisted 

At least 3,441 websites are blocked per day as they are considered malicious sites.

GeoTrust & Symantec Website Anti-Malware Scan helps website owners and online businesses to protect their traffic by avoiding blacklisting by browsers and search engines.

Increase Traffic and Conversions

Norton Secured Seal-in-Search has shown, on average, to increase search engine click-through rates by 7.7%. (Symantec’s AVG SiS Research, October 2011

With Anti-Malware Protection, You’ll be able to scan your site for malware whenever you want, plus have the site scanned automatically every day.