About MalwareScanning.com


MalwareScanning.com is a subsidiary of Certs 4 Less. Certs 4 Less is a Platinum Partner and Master Reseller for Symantec Website Security Solutions. This website was launched with the primary goal of helping website owners maintain the security of their websites.


Many website owners are unaware until it’s too late that their websites may have been compromised with Malware. This infection while causing their visitors potential infections can also be responsible for the website to become blacklisted by numerous search engines, because it is known to harvest Malware.


The end goal of MalwareScanning.com is to offer a wide range of products at different price points and multiple security levels to assist websites of all sizes to stay malware free. We have multiple products, starting with the entry level product that scans websites with a few pages to the top of the line product that scans hundreds of pages of a website.


We are constantly researching the marketplace and improving upon the product mix of solutions we offer website owners in protecting their websites from malicious malware attacks. We believe the malware scanning products we are presenting is a very important, cost effective way to ensure your visitors a malware free experience and at the same time, prevents your website from the potential of being blacklisted with search engines.

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